Using with Gulp

There is no Gulp plugin for Acetate and none is needed. You can just use Acetate's existing APIs!

var gulp = require('gulp');
var Acetate = require('acetate');
var server = require('acetate/lib/modes/server');
var builder = require('acetate/lib/modes/builder');

function acetate () {
  return new Acetate({
    outDir: 'dist'

gulp.task('acetate:server', function (callback) {

gulp.task('acetate:build', function () {
  return builder(acetate());


Option Default Description
config 'acetate.config.js' The name of your configuration file.
root process.cwd() The root directory where you are working.
sourceDir 'src' The folder where pages are located in
outDir 'build' The folder where pages will be built.
log 'info' Logging level to use. Should be one of debug, info, error, or silent.
args {} Any additonal arguments you want to be available under acetate.args in your config file.

Example is built with Gulp and Acetate. Take a look at its gulpfile.

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