Page Metadata

All pages can declare local metadata (as YAML) to use in their templates and configure their behavior. Anything you declare in the metadata is accessible as a variable in your templates.

title: Page with YAML metadata
layout: _layout:master
theme: blue

<h1>This page has some metadata</h1>

Applying Metadata in Bulk

In your config file you can also use the acetate.metadata helper to apply metadata to all pages matching a glob.


// would match anything in the src/blog folder
acetate.metadata('blog/**/*', {
    author: 'Patrick Arlt'

Local Metadata declared on the page is always kept. So if a page already had author defined locally this would not override it.

Using Metadata in Templates

Values in the metadata are passed directly to the local template context. See templating to learn the basics of the Nunjucks templating language.

title: Page with YAML metadata
layout: _layout:master
theme: blue

<h1 class="{{theme}}">{{title}}</h1>

Reserved Metadata Keys

Acetate reserves the following keys for its own internal use or for you to use in your templates. You should not use any of these key names for any other purpose.


You can set or change these metadata keys to change basic Acetate behavior.

Key Description Documentation
layout The layout this page uses to render. Page Layouts

| ignore | If true the page will not be built. | Creating Pages | dest | Output path for this file relative to the acetate.dest folder. | Built-in Helpers | url | URL for this page. | Built-in Helpers

Read Only

These metadata keys are available for you to use in your templates but are read only and cannot be changed.

Key Description Documentation
stats File statistics for this page's template. Built-in Helpers
src Path to this file from the acetate.src folder. Built-in Helpers
fullpath Full path to this template from root. Built-in Helpers
relativePath Relative path back to root from this page. Built-in Helpers
queries Stores results of queries performed against pages. Queries
data Data sources. External Data

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