Prerender Functions

Although it would be possible to request external data with other helpers like acetate.transformAllAsync it would happen every time a page needs to be rendered. In server mode this would cause external data to be requested every time a page was requested even is that data had nothing to do with that page.

acetate.prerender(pattern, handler) will execute the handler function only before rendering a page that matches the pattern. handler will be called with the page object and a callback function that accepts error and the modified page object.


var GitHubApi = require("github");
var github = new GitHubApi();

module.exports = function (acetate) {
  renderer.prerender('gists.html', function (page, callback) {
      user: 'patrickarlt',
    }, function (error, gists) {
      if (error) {

      page.gists = gists;
      callback(null, page);

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